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October Security Tips

>>October Security Tips
  • There are several steps you can take regularly to help prevent infection.

    Tip 1: Enable Passwords on ALL your devices – both for business and personal use

    Securing ALL devices, both personal and corporate, is highly recommended.  In the event a device is lost or stolen this can mitigate risk of your confidential information being utilized to compromise systems.


    1. Use strong passwords – 10 or more characters with upper/lower case letters, numbers and special characters.
    2. Increase difficulty – do not use passwords that can be easily guessed – birthdays, child’s name, many of these can be easily mined from sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
    3. Unique Password – use unique passwords for all websites, do not use your same password on multiple sites.
    4. Don’t Share! – never share your password even with friends and family, they may inadvertently disseminate your security.
    5. Security Verification – when setting security or password verification questions, choose questions that are unlikely to be mined from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others.

    Tip 2: Empty Temporary Internet Files & Cache Folders

    Any information you displayed or entered into your computer could possibly be temporarily stored in the browser memory storage area.

    RECOMMENDATION: After you have finished your internet browsing session, close your browser completely and erase any information that may have been stored in your browser.

    • Internet Explorer: Open Internet Explorer and go to → Internet Options.  Under Browsing history check the box Delete browsing history on exit, click Apply.  Before exiting Internet Options select Delete… under Browsing history to immediately remove these files.
    • Chrome: Open Chrome and go to → Select Advanced Settings.  Under Privacy Select “Content Settings…” here you can manage security settings for your browser sessions and limit cached content.